Noticeboard for 2023 Tour

Notice of Intent

BUSA/ICSA Tour Team Application Form 2023

We invite the top University sailors across the country to apply to compete as part of the BUSA Team to take part in the BUSA-ICSA Tour, a biennial event ran since 1957.
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Notice of Intent Deadline for applications: 12:00 Noon Friday 19th May 2023.Eligibility
Sailors from any BUSA member university are welcome to apply to be part of team. They must have been a member of a BUSA member university club in either 2021 or 2022 to be eligible to compete. Sailors who graduated in the last two years (July 2021 graduation) are welcomed to submit an application. Sailors must be available to compete on the over the Trophy Event dates, listed below. There are other opportunities for the BUSA team to compete at local and national events over the Tour period, these will be announced later.
Team selection
The team will be selected based on a combination of Sailing CV and informal interviews.
To be considered for a team place, you must apply via this form. There are no automatic team places from previous BUSA tours.
The selection committee will be chaired by George Atwell, and comprise of BUSA Committee Members including the BUSA Chair, Vice Chair, Team Racing Officer, and Match Racing Officer. Other persons may be added to the selection committee. The decision of the selection committee will be final.
BUSA’s objective is to select and develop teams with the potential to win the event, champion team spirit and provide a sense of achievement and inspiration to future BUSA Sailors.
BUSA Team comprising of a minimum of 8 sailors, up to 12. If there are applicants unable to make all of the dates, they may still be selected to compete at certain Trophy Events with other applicants competing at other Trophy Events.
The team must comprise of a minimum of 30% males and 30% females.
Costs to be confirmed closer to the time.
Provisional Itinerary:
Trophy Event 1 - John Lord King Match Race: Royal Northern and Clyde YC, Wednesday 26th July
Trophy Event 2 - British American 2v2 TR (Keelboats): Royal Northern and Clyde YC, Thursday 27th July
Trophy Event 3 - Performance Sailcraft Trophy (3v3 TR ILCA): Saturday 29th July
Trophy Event 4 - Lipton Cup (3v3 Firefly TR): West Kirby SC, Friday 4th August/Saturday 5th August
Trophy Event 5 - 3v3 Firefly TR: West Kirby SC, Sunday 6th August
Please note, other local and national events will be added to the itinerary.
Any questions should be directed to George (BUSA Tour Manager, ).Deadline for applications: 12:00 Noon Friday 19th May 2023.Please note that late entries will only be accepted if the applications received have not reached the minimum of 8 applicants.

What is the BUSA Tour?

The BUSA Tour has traditionally been a Biennial challenge between the Inter-Collegiate Sailing Association (ICSA) and the British Universities Sailing Association (BUSA), with records of BUSA Tour Teams going back to 1959. The last tour was in 2019, when BUSA sent 12 sailors to the USA. Covid-19 unfortunately majorly disrupted the tour, and it is something we are keen to get up and running again given its long legacy within University Sailing.

In 2022, the Tour was postponed due to Covid-19 and the lack of resources/time to organise the Tour.

In 2023, BUSA is due to host the ICSA team in the UK, and there have been discussions of making it a 2-leg event (ICSA come to the UK, then BUSA go to the US) to allow greater participation following the opportunities lost due to Covid-19.

BUSA Tour Event Format:

Team Format: 8-12 sailors, consisting of at least 20% male and 20% female.

Applications open to any university student at a club with BUSA Membership. There is potential to open this to 1 year BUSA Alumni who have missed out on an opportunity to take part in the tour due to Covid-19

5 Trophy Events - over weekdays of the course of Tour

  • Lipton Cup - 3v3 Firefly Team Racing
  • Performance Sailcraft Trophy - 3 v 3 Laser Team Racing
  • John Lord King Trophy - Keelboat Match Racing
  • British American Trophy - 2K team racing
  • 3v3 Firefly Team Racing

Latest Tour Update (August 2022):

George Atwell, University of Liverpool SC, has been appointed Tour Manager for the 2023 edition. He writes; ‘Having taken over the organisation of the BUSA/ICSA Tour a couple of weeks ago, I am in the process now of meeting both with my American counterpart Charles Higgins, and Tour alumni, to discuss the event format for the 2023 Tour and to ensure that there is agreement to how the event is run.

With this edition, I am keen to get all universities involved and helping with hosting the respective trophy events, as well as to get as many alumni involved in socials and racing. The British leg of the tour is currently being planned for July/August 2023, with a potential US leg following after this. The US leg would be around the 6th - 23rd September In the coming weeks I will be contacting university sailing clubs regarding their interest in hosting Trophy Events and other ways that they can get involved.

If anyone is interested, or has any questions, please contact me on [email protected]