BUCS Team Racing Championship 2022
18th - 20th April 2022

Invitation to submit a proposal to host the Finals Event

The place of the Finals Event in the Championship

The Team Racing Championships consist of four ‘area’ Qualifiers (held in England and Wales) and three Scottish League weekends (held over weekends in November, January and February). From the Qualifiers and Leagues 20 teams will qualify to proceed directly to the Finals to be held in April 2022. Teams placed 1st-8th within Playoffs proceed to Finals, with a total of 28 teams competing.

The Championship Final will be held from 18th to 20th April 2022


What will BUSA do?

BUSA is the organizing authority of the entire Championship Finals and the event is run formally under its name and that of BUCS, not the host club or university/sailing club. BUSA sets the competition format, eligibility criteria and schedule structure as well as publishing the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions and appointing the Event Director, PRO and Umpires for the Qualifiers, together with the Jury. Project 2024 will be considered for Finals. If the host club wish to propose anyone, please comment these in the section below.

The administration of the event is split between the BUCS Office and the BUSA Office. The BUSA Office chases up incomplete and invalid entries, creates registration and results programs.

BUSA will not permit a host club or university/sailing club to make an unreasonably high profit from the event but recognizes that there must be rewards to accompany the risk and effort of the those hosting the event. The Host Club keeps any profits, but losses are its responsibilities too. Bidding clubs could discuss with their Student Unions or Athletic/Sport Unions whether they will underwrite the event to a certain level.

What does the Host Club do?

The Host Club is responsible for the logistical organization of the Team Racing Championship Finals. It secures the venue, supplies the powerboats and equipment needed, sources volunteers needed to run the event. It must provide sufficient volunteers to run shoreside activities and also man the safety boats etc. The host will need also to provide volunteers to assist the race committee. Volunteers can be requested from each university/team as per the Notice of Race, but the hosts must make the Technical Delegates aware at least 1 month prior to the event dates.

  • Financial: You are required to submit a venue budget with your bid. BUSA can advise you with budget examples.

What to include in your bid?

Overall, your bid should explain why your club wants to host the BUCS Team Racing Championship Final and demonstrate how it will do so. You must provide confirmation of support from your University Sports Director and/or AU/SU and from the sailing club where the proposed event is to be held. Guidance on what to include and a factual questionnaire that we ask you to complete are attached below.

Format for your Proposal

You will wish to submit a text proposal, possibly with illustrations. This should include coverage of the following issues (or in attachment (s)) which require description

  • A brief summary of your Club’s sailing activities and involvement in Team Racing
  • Written confirmation from your Students Union or Athletic/Sports Union that they support your bid if applicable (university bids)
  • Details of the names and proposed roles of the members of the proposed organizing committee. (Remember, most of your organizing committee should be around when the event is taking place) BUSA can help appoint relevant people where necessary and also impose the NOR rule of teams bringing volunteers. University clubs should include graduation dates.
  • A brief summary of how you propose to organize the event
  • A description (possible diagram) of the size of the sailing area and typical sailing conditions for Easter at your chosen venue.
  • Any proposals you have for providing/facilitating provision of 3 flights of fireflies
  • What else can you bring to the event to add value?
  • Venue fees and costs. BUSA will pay the host venue a facility fee. Please submit a proposed budget to include as a minimum the following details:
    • Entry fees per team, Inc. any sailor fee where applicable.
    • What costs are included in venue fees (e.g. use of the club house, committee boats, RIBs, marks, Safety Officer, PA system, etc.) and any which are not (e.g. extra RIBs, fuel, packed lunches for volunteers)
  • Any other information you think is appropriate.

But, to aid our assessment and comparison of proposals, it will be helpful if you complete the supplementary factual detail, with any short notes, requested in the form below.

Sailing Club/USCName

No. of Club Members

No. of Committee Members

Principal Contact/ Organiser’s Name, Mobile Number and Email Address

Name, mob. nos & email of your Commodore, Club Sec & Treasurer (or equivalents).

Name, title, direct line & email of AU/SU or University Sports Director supporting bid if applicable (USCs)

Proposed Location of the Event

Distance of sailing venue from university and accommodation

Name and address of the sailing club (inc. postcode of venue)

Do you have the agreement of the sailing club to host the event and confirmation that they are not hosting another event at the same time?

Does the water have sufficient sailing are to accommodate the race area?

Are there are any restrictions on the use of the water (including by RIBs)? Would the event have exclusive use of the water (not required, but preferred)

Can the boat park accommodate an additional Fireflies (if applicable), together with secured trailer parking?

Access arrangements to the venue, including secured car / van parking

Details of how many helpers you would provide (i.e. volunteers, safety boat drivers, mark layers, beach team etc).

Details of your proposed committee / finish boats and confirmation that you have access to the standard race management equipment (e.g. flags, radios, sound signals etc.)

How many RIBs do you have access to (including a description of them – central console, engine size, seating and space etc.) and how many you would you need to hire (potential availability).

If you wish to propose the names of any race officers or Jury, please list them. Please note this is not mandatory and BUSA reserves the right to appoint the race officials for the event.

Details about changing facilities and toilets (including disabled facilities), bearing in mind the potential for 120 sailors and 25 volunteers

Details of office spaces that could be used for registration, by race management, Jury, Results team etc. (a separate protest room from the main race office will be needed)

Details of catering arrangements at the venue

Details of (both wet and dry bar) space to accommodate competitors between races or if racing is postponed. Also for prize giving. Is this available exclusive to the event? Please provide detail about any likely sharing required that weekend.

Information about available local accommodation, both for the organisers / officials and for competitors Please also give examples of accommodation costs suitable for the Officials and Competitors. [BUSA will pay the Officials’ expenses of the Event Director, PRO, Jury and Results team, but we need guidance on accommodation costs for the overall event budget]


Submission of proposals

Sailing Clubs are invited to make proposals to provide the Championship. Proposals should reach the Team Racing Officer no later than 23:59 hours on Friday 29th October 2021. The BUSA Committee will aim to be able to invite the successful proposer by November. If you would like any advice, or have queries, please speak to your area chair or contact Karen Rawson, BUSA Secretary, at [email protected]