Have you graduated recently? Want to stay in touch with all the friends you’ve made throughout your university sailing career? Maybe hear about opportunities that are coming up? Well never fear because we at BUSA know that previously our engagement with alumni has been less than optimal. Now there are dedicated groups for alumni for the regions that you have been part of and we are looking to improve our engagement with alumni over the coming months and years.

So if you want to attend team racing events, want to know who might be at an event you’re going to or even just what people might be up to since you left there is now a mechanism for this. We will also be sending any opportunities for sailing or career development that we have been given to these groups.

Want to join:

Scotland, SUSA alumni

The North, The Exiles SC

The Midlands, BUSA alumni: The Midlands

Western region: BUSA alumni: Western edition

South central: BUSA alumni: The South

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